Here is how to redeem your tickets for the 2022 event. If you bought tickets in 2020 and decided to HODL to help us come back, you will be receiving a credit for the value of the ticket(s) price paid in 2020 (before fees and taxes) which can be applied towards VIP TICKETS for the 2022 CrossFit® Atlas Games..

To receive the new tickets for the 2022 event, you will first need to complete the purchase process. (see below)

If needed, contact us by email at info@atlasproject.


  1. Head to

  2. Enter your email in the top section to redeem your code

  3. Click "Get your tickets"

  4. Read and follow the indications for the type of tickets that you have been granted. Make sure to respect the number of tickets the code allows you to purchase.

  5. Complete the purchase. Your tickets will be sent to your inbox. They will also be available in the Atlas Games app