Looking to compete this summer in Montreal and share the floor with the best athletes in North America? Well, we've got your backs Masters and teens. Here is your path to the 2022 Atlas Community Games, an epic event taking place from June 10th through 12th, 2022.

Age Group Athletes

Atlas Games is inviting a total of 100 teens and masters(50 men + 50 women) to compete in Montreal this summer. In order to participate, you must qualify during the Atlas Community Qualifier held from February 24th 3PM EST to March 14th 3PM EST.

YES! These are the exact same dates as the OPEN. YES! you will be performing the OPEN workouts!

This, however, is not directly affiliated with the Open. You must register for the Atlas Community Qualifier via Competition Corner to be eligible to participate in the Atlas Games. The Atlas Project team will be using the same workouts, standards and schedule as the OPEN.

Here is how to make it to Montreal:

1 - Register and compete in the Atlas Community Qualifier

  1. Chose the division you wish to participate in. Athletes in the Age Group divisions will most likely perform all workouts in the OPEN as prescribed without scaling or modifications. However, you can still can complete the qualifier and submit a scaled score in order to live the experience of online competition 15-18: Age Requirement: Athletes in this division must be 15 years of age but not older than 18 as of 2022-06-01. 35-39: Age Requirement: Athletes in this division must be 35 years of age but not older than 39 as of 2022-06-01. 40-44: Age Requirement: Athletes in this division must be 40 years of age but not older than 44 as of 2022-06-01. 45-49: Age Requirement: Athletes in this division must be 4 5years of age but not older than 49 as of 2022-06-01. 50+: Age Requirement: Athletes in this division must be at least 50 years of age as of 2022-06-01.

  2. Register for the online event,

2 - Qualify for the 2022 Atlas Games

A total of 10 men + 10 women in each division will be invited to register for the Atlas Community Games.

The qualification process will be completed after video review. Every athlete competing in a RX version of the workout in the age group division will be required to submit a video for each workout and in accordance with the CrossFit® OPEN video instructions. The videos must be submitted at the same time the final score for the week is submitted.

3 - Register for the 2022 Atlas games

Age Group registration will be held on Competition Corner from April 18th to April 25th. See below registration process for all divisions:

  1. April 25th 7am EST to May 2nd 12pm EST Qualified athletes only can register via a link for Competition Corner.

  2. May 2nd 7pm EST to May 4th 7pm EST If not all qualified athletes register, we will open unclaimed spots for the next athletes in line in each division. We will automatically move to the next athlete in line every time someone declines a spot.

  3. May 5th 7am EST to May 6th 7pm EST Registration will be open to all

4- Compete at the 2022 Atlas Games

Atlas Games will be held at the Complexe Sportif Claude Robillard in Montreal. Every athlete must register during the day on Thursday June 9th 2022 (NO EXCEPTIONS)

The competition starts on Friday June 10th for all divisions and athletes.

More info about the event will be given before the registration