For time :

10 Syncro RMU

50 Deadlifts 315/225

50 CTB

50 Hang Cleans 185/125

50 CTB

50 Snatch 135/95

50 Syncro TTB

5 syncro RMU

In this workout, the females will start. They start with 10 synchronized ring muscle ups, then they go to the deadlifts with one person working at a time and switching anytime.

The "one work" while one rests continues until the toes to bars at which point they will go to synchronized.

For each team, set up your floor with three barbells. Advance 5 ft after every 10 reps for all three barbell movements. While working on the barbell cycling one person is in front, and one person is behind resting. Switch anytime

As soon as the females have passed the hang cleans, the men can then start their work. At no point can the men pass the women.

Total score will be for the female completion time. Another score the total time cumulative of men and women.

  • Time Cap: 20 minutes

  • 4 players

  • 630 reps

  • 15 transitions

  • Men use barbells 315-185-135

  • Women use barbells 225-125-95

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