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  • Are there any food and drink concessions on site? There is a Subway located on the 2nd floor, hall area.

  • Can I bring food and drinks from outside? You can bring your own food and non-alcoholic drinks. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed anywhere on site.

  • Is there a water fountain on site? Yes, several water fountains can be found in the halls of the venue.

  • Can I bring a backpack on site? Yes, you can bring a backpack with you. However, Atlas Games is not responsible for any lost or stolen objects.

  • Is there a place to safely store my luggage or belongings on site? No, you may carry your belongings with you if size allows. If you are staying at a hotel whilst in town we recommend to store your lugagge there.

  • I've lost my ticket/wristband, can I get it re-issued? No, it's your responsibility to keep it securly attached and/or with you until the end of the last day you have tickets for.

  • I've lost a personal belonging. Is there a lost & found place on site? Please refer to the Atlas Games Printeez booth in the exhibitors area.

  • I have a General Admission ticket. Will I have access to a seat? General admission tickets grant you access to the areas marked as Spectator Seating on the 2nd floor (see venue map on the Atlas Project app). The seating in this area may be occupied on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Can I get up from my seat or return to it in the middle of an event? Yes, you can move at any time during the events, but note that seats are not reserved.

  • Is there public transport to the venue? Montreal's Metro and public bus system serve the area. The closest Metro station is Cremazie. The Metro runs early enough to let you get to the event every morning, and it closes late enough that you can make it home after the events finish at night. Buses operate day and night. For more information visit the STM website


  • Is there a water fountain available on site? There are multiple water fountains in the halls and one in the Volunteer area

  • Are masks required? According to the new guidelines issued by the goverment of Quebec masks are no longer required indoors. Those who wish to wear a mask are welcomed to do so.

  • I'm running late for my shift due to something unexpected. What's the best way to communicate? Message your Director through the Atlas Games app.

  • I didn't have a shift scheduled but I'm on site and can help if needed. How do I let others know I'm available? Let Laurence Demers (Volunteer Director) know.

  • I didn't have a shift scheduled and I'm enjoying the competition. An Event Director is asking for my help via the app. Do I need to accept a new shift When unscheduled all volunteers are still considered as backup. If we contact you outside your scheduled shifts it's because we are in need of extra help. Please, come join the team working.

  • Can I swap a shift with another volunteer in my same group (eg. between judges, between runners, etc)? You might swap shifts as long as your Director agrees. Please discuss with them.

  • The shoes I was given are hurting me. Can I exchange them and/or wear something else? If we have more available you may exchange them. If still hurting, you may wear your own.

  • If I get a minor injury/cut/headache/etc whilst on a shift, is there a first aid kit available? Please, visit the Medic Section in the Athlete Area

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