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The Ultimate Recovery Ice Baths

Whether it’s mental or physical, our team at Cold Tribe are obsessed with the

benefits that come with Cold Water Immersion. With daily practice, the results can be life-changing. We truly believe that. We’ve created a tub that is portable, durable, and reliable. Built tough so you can take your daily practice absolutely anywhere! Have professional-grade recovery available to you at your box, home or on the road at your next competition.

- Helps reduce delayed onset muscle soreness & joint inflammation

- Supports cardiovascular circulation and provides a lymphatic flush

- Improves sleep quality and restfulness

- Supports mental clarity, focus and alertness

The time has come for you to take your recovery as seriously as the training itself - because Performance Favours the Cold!

Join the Tribe by visiting us at and follow on Instagram @cold.tribe. Ask about our special Atlas Games Discount and new payment plan options!


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