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The GOWOD mobility app is used by many of the pro athletes like Mat Fraser, Justin Medeiros, Brooke Wells and Jeff Adler! CrossFit® athletes of all levels considers it as an essential tool to safely progress and drastically improve performance.

The app has already helped more than 800,000 members of the CrossFit® community test and improve their mobility, and is returning as a sponsor of this year’s Atlas Games.

Thanks to the unprecedented combination of the expertise of health professionals and powerful algorithms, GOWOD adapts super-efficient mobilization protocols for any workout. It also considers the mobility profile of each athlete, with stunning accuracy and one goal: To help the community members perform at their best at CrossFit®.

“GOWOD was developed to meet the specific needs of each CrossFit athlete” said Justin Bergh, CrossFit GM of Sport. “We are delighted to sharing GOWOD’s valuable mobility tools with members of the CrossFit community.”

Both for Pro and everyday athletes, GOWOD continues to prove itself every day, and will always engage in providing each athlete with the best experience to help them reach their personal goals.

“I’m so happy to see GOWOD is now at the top of this sport,” said 2021 CrossFit Games champion Justin Medeiros. “I’ve been using their app since July 2018, way before they contacted me to work together, and they are constantly trying to improve their program. They are so passionate about what they do every day, it’s crazy.”

Get the app from the stores, test your mobility for free and experience the benefits with a 14-day trial to the GOWOD personalized program.


Join the GOWOD community on Instagram : @gowod_mobilityfirst

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