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It's more than just a scrunchie; it's a movement. Women are strong, women are bold, and women should feel capable of doing anything without their hair getting in the way. Curly, thick, thin, long—your looks shouldn’t hold you back in fitness. we've reinvented what it means to put your hair up, which is why we've finally designed a hair accessory that gives you the full power to sinch it to the right size so that you can focus on what truly matters - your performance. No more one-size-fits-all, it's made to fit you, like it should be.

You can keep your hair up all day!

You can keep your hair up all day

You’re so busy everyday. Some days you don’t even have enough time to eat, let alone fix your hair.

You want to be so efficient. Maybe you want to get a workout in before work starts, but you contemplate how your hair is going to look or if you’re going to have time to shower before work.

What if we told you that as soon as you put your hair up in the morning, it won’t come out until you take it down before going to sleep at night?

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Website: hairstrong.ca/ => GET 15% OFF WITH CODE: ATLASGAMES 22

Facebook: Hairstrong

Instagram: @hairstrongband

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