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Workout Description

3 Rounds For time :

21/16 Cals Ski

15 Parallette HSPU

90 FT Front Rack Walking Lunges

Men weight & depth: 12” parallette, 175lbs

Women weight & depth: 8”’ parallette, 115lbs

Time Cap: 14 minutes
Heat size: 10 players
Points : 100 pts


This event starts with the athletes on the starting grid. At the count of 321 go, the athletes will go to the ski erg and perform 21/16 calories.

After completing the calories they will make their way to the rig and crush 15 parallette handstand push-ups (Kipping permitted)

After completing their HSPU the athlete will move to their pre-staged barbell and perform 90ft of Front rack walking lunge. After completing 90ft, the athlete will leave their barbell in place and return to the ski erg and commence round two.

After completing the Ski calories they will make their way to the rig and crush 15 parallette handstand push-ups (Kipping permitted). Then, they will go to their bar and Lunge 90ft back towards the rig. Once competed, they will leave their bar and head back to the ski erg for the third and final round.

After completing the final calories and HSPU they will pick up their bar and lunge to the finish line.

Athletes will finish the last rep, drop the barbell and then jump or step over the barbell to the finish line.

Age Group Variation:

Boys and Girls 15-18

21/16 Cals Ski

15 Deficit HSPU

90 FT Front Rack Walking Lunges

Men weight & depth: 4” ,135lbs Women weight & depth: 3”’ , 95lbs

Men and Women 35-39

Men and Women 40-44

Men and Women 45-49

Men and Women 50+

In an effort to ensure the best experience and safety for all Age Group athletes;  if there is a movement or weight that cannot be performed as prescribed, please inform us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs within the workout. The resulting score would be automatically moved to just below the last placed Rx competitor, but you will still enjoy the workout and the Atlas Games Experience!  


The athlete's score is his or her total time for completing the event.

Movement Standards:

Cals Ski Erg
  • The monitor on the Ski Erg must be set to zero at the beginning of each ski erg session. The judge will be resetting the monitor. The athlete must keep the handles, of the ski erg, in his hands until the monitor reads 21 calories.

Parallette HSPU
  • During the parallette handstand push-ups, the hands must remain on the parallette.

  • The arms must be fully extended and in line with the body before the athlete can descend.

  • Each rep begins and ends with the athlete in the lockout position with the heels against the wall, arms fully extended, and shoulders in line with the body.

  • At the bottom, the head must make contact with the ground.

  • The feet do not need to remain in contact with the wall for the duration of the movement, but the feet must return to the wall at the beginning and end of each rep.

  • The feet cannot go wider than the HSPU board at any point during the movement.

  • Kipping is allowed. At the lockout of each repetition, the feet may be no wider than the width of the hands.

The rep is credited when:

  • Each rep is credited when the athlete returns to the lockout position with only the heels on the wall; arms, hips, and legs fully extended; and shoulders in line with the body.

Front Rack Lunges
  • Each lunge step begins with the barbell in the appropriate position, the feet together, and the hips and legs extended.

  • The trailing knee must make contact with the ground at the bottom of each lunge before returning to full hip and leg extension.

  • The athlete must alternate which foot leads for each rep.

  • Stopping with both feet together at the top of each rep is not required, but both legs must be fully extended if the athlete chooses to step through at the top.

  • During the barbell front-rack walking lunges:

  • The barbell must remain at the shoulders.

  • A full grip around the handle of the barbell must be maintained for the duration of the lunge.

  • Releasing the grip on the handle and letting the barbell rest solely on the shoulder is NOT allowed.

  • The athlete must reach the finish position of a repetition before lowering the barbell from the shoulders.

  • If a fault or a no-reps is called during the walking lunges, the athlete must go back to the beginning of the 10 foot section where the fault/no rep happens.

The rep is credited when:

  • The rep is credited when the feet are together and the hips and legs are fully extended.

Judging Plan

20 judges total - One at the ski erg and HSPU and a second one at the lunges.

  • Judge 1 supervises the ski erg, walks with the athlete at the HSPU station and judges the movement.

  • Judge 2 manages the scorecard, follows the athlete through the walking lunges.