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Workout Description

10 Rounds for Time :

1 legless rope climb, 15’

Run (170’)

Time Cap: 11 minutes
Heat size: 10 players
Points : 100 pts

Movement Standards:

Legless rope climbs
  • The athlete must climb the rope and touch the crossbeam at the top of the rig without the use of their legs.

  • Jumping to begin each climb is permitted.

  • The athlete may only use their arms to climb the rope.

  • Legs may be used on the descent after both hands are back on the rope after touching the crossbeam.

  • At the turnaround, the athlete must run down their lane. Both feet and one hand must make contact on the opposite side of the line before returning for the next rope climb.

  • (Judges will flip the round marker as the athlete returns to the rig)

  • The run is credited when the athlete returns to, and has touched, the rope.

  • (Head Judge note: The starting run to the rope is not reflected on the scorecard. The final run is from the rope to the finish. Rehearse this with your judges.)

  • On the final run, the athlete moves to the finish mat.

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