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Workout Description

For time :

1 round each:

21/16 Cals ski

15 Ring Muscle Ups

90 ft HSW

*Any order

Time Cap: 14 minutes
Heat size: 10 Teams
Points : 100 pts


Athletes will be staged at the starting grid. At the count of 321 go ANY athlete performs

21/16 Cals Ski

When this is completed, they move to

15 RMU

When this is completed, they move to

90 FT Handstand walk.

(This is one direction in a 90 ft section)

After completing the HSW in minimum 10ft sections, the athlete will then go to the finish mat.

The second and all subsequent athletes can start the ski-erg when the teammate currently working starts the handstand walk.

No athlete can advance to the muscle ups until the person ahead of them has completed the handstand walk.

This work continues in this fashion until all 4 athletes have completed 21/16 cals, 15 RMU and 90ft handstand walk and have gone to the finish line.


The team's score is the total time for completing the event.

Movement Standards:

Calories Ski Erg
  • The monitor on the Ski Erg must be set to zero at the beginning of each ski erg session. The judge will be resetting the monitor. The athlete must keep the handles of the ski erg in his hands until the monitor reads 21 calories for the males or 16 calories for the females.

Ring Muscle Ups
  • Athletes must begin each rep hanging from the rings with arms fully extended and feet off the ground.

  • Kipping is allowed, but uprises and swings/rolls to support are not permitted.

  • During consecutive kipping muscle-ups, a change of direction below the rings is required.

  • No part of the foot may rise above the bottom of the rings during the kip.

  • The athlete must pass through some portion of a dip before reaching lockout.

  • Reaching lockout while pushing or falling away from the rings will not count.

The rep is credited when:

  • When the elbows are fully locked out in the support position.

HandStand Walk
  • The athlete must start with the hands (entire hand, including palm and fingers) behind the mark denoting the start of the segment being attempted. When kicking up, stepping across the line or landing with the hands on or over the line constitutes a no rep. Athletes must walk forward.

  • If the athlete comes down at any time, the athlete must restart from the last increment completed. Both hands, including palms and fingers, must touch the ground in front of the line marking the 10-foot section to earn credit for that distance. Each 10-foot section will count as 1 rep. Athletes must handstand walk across the line and may not jump both hands over the line to finish a section.

The rep is credited when:

  • When both hands of the athlete , including palms and fingers, are completely across the line of the section and touch the ground in front of the marking line.calories.

Judging Plan

20 judges total

– Judge 1 - Ski Erg and Muscle ups

  • Position behind the athlete during the ski erg to validate the calories.

  • Move to the end of the rig, position closest to the finish line to judge the muscle ups.

  • Once the athlete moves to the handstand walk, walks back to the start line to hold the next athlete until the previous have reached the finish line.

– Judge 2 - Hand Standwalk - Scorecard

  • Position a knee on the floor at the handstand walk starting line.

  • Walk behind the athlete during the handstand walk until the athlete reaches the finish mat.

  • Walk back to the handstand walk starting line to wait for the next athlete.

  • When the last member of the team reaches the finish mats or when the time cap is reached, the judge writes down the finish time or reps counts and makes the Team captain sign the scorecard.

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