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Workout Description

For Total Weight :

(Weight in lb.)

M: 185/195/205/215/225/235/245/255/265/275 (11th platform staged at 285)

F: 135/140/145/150/155/160/165/170/175/180 (11th platform staged at 185)

*If a lifter completes the ladder, they will move to the 11th platform, where they will take the next 1-min rotation to rest and declare the load they wish to lift. After the minute of rest, they will have from 0:00-0:25 seconds to complete the lift.

Heat size: 10 Teams (all heats of men lift, then all heats of women)
Points : 100 pts


The pair of athletes on the first team will start standing behind the first platform. After the countdown of 3-2-1-GO, the first athlete will have 25 seconds to complete the lift. At the 25-second mark, the second athlete will have 25 seconds to lift. If an athlete is successful, they will move to stand behind the next platform. At the 50-second mark, the next pair will enter and wait behind the first platform. After a 10-second transition (at the top of the minute), the cycle begins again. This cycle continues until both men cannot complete the lift.

Athletes may take as many attempts within their allotted time as they would like. If at any point an athlete fails to complete the lift within the designated time, they will exit the field of play and their teammate will continue without them, maintaining their lifting order. If an athlete completes the entire ladder, after the 10-second transition, they will be given the next minute as rest where they will declare the load they would like to attempt at the 11th platform. At the 11th platform, the athlete will have from 0-25 seconds to make the lift.

After the men have finished, the platforms will be reset and the women will complete the workout in the same fashion.

After the women have lifted, the team’s score will be the total of each of the four teammates' heaviest successful lift.

Timing Details

0:00-0:25 - Lifter 1

0:25-0:50 - Lifter 2

0:50-1:00 - Transition to next platform/next pair enters

Continue cycling in this fashion until all athletes have lifted.

Community Team Variation:

Community Team Event 3

Time Cap: 13 minutes

Heat size: 8 Teams

For Total Weight:

0:00 to 06:00

1RM Snatch both female

(Maximum 3 lifts per athletes)

06:00 to 07:00

Switch to male, can start loading barbell

07:00 to 13:00

1RM Snatch both male (Maximum 3 lifts per athletes)

In an effort to ensure the best experience and safety for all Community Teams;  if there is a movement or weight that cannot be performed as prescribed, please inform us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs within the workout. The resulting score would be automatically moved to just below the last placed Rx competitor, but you will still enjoy the workout and the Atlas Games Experience!  


The team's score is the total time for completing the event.

Movement Standards:


Starting position:

  • The barbell begins on the ground and must be lifted overhead in one motion.

  • Power, squat, and split snatches are all permitted, but in each instance, the athlete’s feet must be brought back in line before the bar is lowered.

  • Hang snatches and any variation of clean and jerk are not permitted.

The repetition is credited when:

  • The barbell is at full lockout overhead with the hips, knees, and arms fully extended.

  • The bar is directly over or slightly behind the middle of the body with the feet in line.

Other notes:

  • The bar must leave the ground before the time limit expires (25 seconds per lifter on platforms 1-10 or 50 seconds on the 11th platform).

  • As long as the bar has left the ground before the time limit, if the lift is completed, it will count.

  • Once an athlete cannot complete a lift, they will leave the field of play.

Judging Plan

13 total judges

One judge per pair of athletes (10 total)

  • The judge will follow the pair through the ladder, judging each rep.

  • The judge will note each successful lift on the scorecard.

  • Once the team has completed the ladder or both lifters have failed, the judge will escort the teammates off the field of play.

Three(3) judges at the 11th platform

  • One judge will be responsible for confirming the requested load from the resting athlete.

  • One judge will assist the first judge with loading the barbell.

  • This judge will also return the weight to its base (285/185) if there are no lifters in the on-deck position.

  • One judge responsible for matching the signage to the requested loading.

  • These three judges are responsible for loading and managing the 11th platform. The judge following the athlete through the event will verify and record the results of the attempt on the scorecard.

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