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Workout Description

For Time :

20 Worm Clean and Jerk

30 Synchro Burpee Over Worm

40 CTB Pull-up EACH while team members hold the worm

30 Synchro Burpee Over Worm

20 Worm Clean and Jerk

Time Cap: 20 minutes
Heat size: 10 Teams
Points : 100 pts


Athletes will all be at the starting grid. At the call of 321 go, all athletes will proceed to the worm in its pre-staged area. The teams will complete 20 Clean and Jerks - advancing after ten reps with the worm. After 20 reps are completed, they will advance the worm to the next section.

Once in the next section, the worm is placed down and the athletes will complete 30 Synchro Burpees with a pair of athletes on each side in any order - and alternating sides on each burpee.

After the 30th Burpee is complete, the team will clean the worm to the shoulder and advance to the next section.

Once in the next section, one member of the team will go to the rig and perform 40 Chest to Bar Pull-ups, while the other 3 teammates hold the worm.

This Worm Hold and CTB combo will continue until all 4 athletes have completed 40 CTB Pull-ups each. No work can be achieved with the worm on the ground.

After the last athlete has completed the Chest to Bars Pull-Ups they will return to the worm and the team will advance the worm into the next section.

Once in the next section, the athletes will place the worm down and perform 30 more Synchro Burpees over the worm.

When the Burpees are completed the team will advance the worm into the next section and complete 20 Worm Clean and Jerks (advancing after every 10) on the last rep, the team will clean the worm to the shoulder and advance the worm past the finish line.

Community Team Variation:

Community Team Event 4

Time Cap: 18 minutes

15Worm Clean and Jerk

20Synchro Burpee Over Worm

25 Pull-up EACH while team members hold the worm

20 Synchro Burpee Over Worm

15 Worm Clean and Jerk

In an effort to ensure the best experience and safety for all Community Teams;  if there is a movement or weight that cannot be performed as prescribed, please inform us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs within the workout. The resulting score would be automatically moved to just below the last placed Rx competitor, but you will still enjoy the workout and the Atlas Games Experience!  


The team's score is the total time for completing the event.

Movement Standards:

Worm C&J
  • The worm clean & jerk begins with the worm on the ground and all four athletes standing on the same side.

  • The worm is then lifted to the shoulders of athletes.

  • At the top, each athlete’s hips and knees must be fully extended when performing the jerk over athletes heads and move on the opposite shoulders.

  • The arms don't need to reach the full extension as the worm moves overhead.

  • The reps are completed when the worm is brought back to the floor on the opposite side.

  • Worm clean & jerk reps must be alternate at all times.

  • Athletes must be on the same side when moving the worm to a different position.

  • Athletes me be in any order, but each section of the worm does not weigh the same.

Worm Burpees
  • Each rep starts with all athletes facing the finish line.

  • There needs to be two athletes on each side of the worm. M1 and F1 on one side and M2 and F2 one the other side.

  • In the bottom position, all four athletes must be side to the worm.

  • Athletes may step or jump in and out of the bottom position.

  • All four athletes must touch their chest and thighs to the ground at the same time before standing to jump over the worm.

  • If some athletes reach the bottom position ahead of the others, they may wait on the ground for their teammates.

  • A two-foot takeoff IS REQUIRED for this workout.

  • If any athlete touches the worm at any time, the rep will not count. In this case, all athletes will need to complete the entire side worm burpee over again.

  • In the event of a no rep from any athlete, the entire team must complete another full repetition.

  • Each rep is credited when all athletes touch the ground on the opposite side of the worm. From there, they may begin their next rep.

Chest-to-bar pull ups
  • This is a standard chest-to-bar pull-up.

  • Dead hang, kipping or butterfly chest-to-bar pull-ups are allowed as long as all the requirements are met.

  • The arms must be fully extended at the bottom, with the athlete’s feet off the ground.

  • Overhand, underhand or mixed grip are all permitted.

  • The rep is credited when the chest clearly comes into contact with the bar below the collarbone.

  • Athletes may wear hand protection (gymnastics-style grips, gloves, etc.).

Worm Hold
  • While one athlete performs his chest-to-bar, the remaining three athletes need to hold the worm, resting on their shoulders with both hands in contact with the worm, in the designated area.

  • If athletes performing the worm hold drop it, the athlete performing the chest-to-bar needs to stop. All reps performed while the worm is not in the hold position are no reps.

  • The worm may be put down when the athlete performing the chest-to-bar has finished his reps or is resting. The worm needs to be put back in the hold position before any athlete can perform chest-to-bar.

Judging Plan

20 judges total

– Judge 1 - Chest-to-Bar

  • Position next to the rig to judge the Chest-to-bar.

– Judge 2 - Worm and Scorecard

  • Position in front of the Worm on the side of the designated section closest to the finish line.

  • Ensure the worm is moved to the correct location during the work out and also ensure the worm hold is active while one of the athletes performs his chest-to-bar.

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