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Workout Description

For time, starting with the female pair:

40 thrusters

6 legless rope climbs

30 thrusters

4 legless rope climbs

20 thrusters

2 legless rope climbs

Immediately followed by the male pair

Weight for men: 135lb

Weight for women: 95lb

Time Cap: 20 minutes
Heat size: 10 Teams
Points : 100 pts


This event begins with the team on the start mat (behind the rig). At the sound of the beep, the women will run to the first barbell and complete 40 thrusters, sharing the work as they see fit. The non-working athlete waiting behind the designated line. After the thrusters are completed, they will run to the rope. When both teammates have reached the pull-up bar at the front of the rig, one athlete may enter and begin climbing. The pair may switch at any time; however, the non-climbing teammate must wait at the pull-up bar. After the pair completes six legless rope climbs, they will move back to the barbell and advance it to the 30 marker before beginning their next set of thrusters. The pair will continue in this pattern until they have completed the final rope climb. After the final rope climb, the pair will run over the bars to the finish.

When both women are on the finish mat, the men may enter and run to the second bar to begin their thrusters. Working in the same fashion as the women, after the last rope climb, the men will run over both bars and to the finish. When the team is on the finish mat together, time stops.

NOTE: The timing chip must be worn by the final member of the team to cross the finish line.

Community Team Variation:

Community Team Event 5

Time Cap: 18 minutes

For time, starting with the female pair:

40 thrusters

6 rope climbs

30 thrusters

4 rope climbs

20 thrusters

2 rope climbs

Immediately followed by the male pair

Weight for men: 95lb

Weight for women: 65lb

In an effort to ensure the best experience and safety for all Community Teams;  if there is a movement or weight that cannot be performed as prescribed, please inform us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs within the workout. The resulting score would be automatically moved to just below the last placed Rx competitor, but you will still enjoy the workout and the Atlas Games Experience!  


The team's score is the total time for completing the event.

Movement Standards:

  • Each set of thrusters begins with the barbell on the ground.

  • The crease of the athlete’s hip must clearly pass below the top of the knees in the bottom position.

  • A full squat clean into the thruster is allowed when the bar is taken from the floor.

  • The rep must be completed in one fluid motion from the bottom of the squat. A front squat followed by a jerk is not allowed.

The rep is credited when:

  • The barbell is at full lockout overhead with the hips, knees, and arms fully extended.

  • The bar must be directly over or slightly behind the middle of the body with the feet in line.

  • If the barbell is dropped from overhead, it must settle on the ground before the athlete picks it up for the next repetition.

  • Athletes may NOT receive assistance moving or resetting their barbell.

  • The resting athlete must remain behind the designated line.

  • To switch, the working athlete must return behind the designated line.

Legless rope climbs
  • Rope climbs may not begin until both athletes have reached the pull-up bar.

  • The resting athlete must wait under the pull-up bar.

  • The athlete must climb the rope and touch the crossbeam at the top without the use of their legs.

  • Jumping up to begin each ascent is permitted.

  • The athlete may only use their arms to climb the rope.

  • Legs may be used on the descent after both hands are back on the rope after touching the crossbeam.

  • When the pair wishes to switch, the working athlete must run back and tag their resting teammate under the pull-up bar.

Judging Plan

20 judges total

10 rope-climb judges

  • Position on the side of the rig farthest from the finish line.

10 thruster judges

  • Position at the barbell.

  • Ensure the bar moves to the correct location before the rounds of 30 and 20 reps.

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