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Imagine if your hands were constantly wrapped up and unable to spread out and move for hours at a time. That’s how your feet feel after hours of being inside a shoe and they haven’t been given the opportunity to move or be stretched.

Just like any part of the body when the muscles in the feet aren’t stretched or strengthened they can become weak and it can lead to foot pain, impact performance, and pain in the upward joints. The body works like a chain and feet are the foundation. 

Your performance is only as good as your recovery

According to research from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 25 percent of athletic injuries are foot and ankle-related. Athletes involved in sports that require jumping and running are typically at higher risk. Our mobility tools help relieve tension, stretch intrinsic foot muscles, improve circulation, strengthen stability and improve mobility. Improve your performance and prevent injuries by adding our tools to your recovery and mobility training. 

Watch Crossfit Games athlete Royce Dunne explain how he uses our mobility tools as part of his training. 

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