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Today, just like box owners, we are in a situation where we need your support. We have received anunconditionalamount of support over the last week for which we are immensely grateful. Because of this we will soon be able to hold a new edition of the CrossFit ®  Atlas Games V2.0.

We took root and blossomed from our local communities. Being involved in CrossFit since 2008, we wanted to give back to the community: to our everyday athletes at the gym, to owners and coaches, to the athletes that wanted to reach the biggest stage, to the spectators and fans of the sport. We wanted everyone to share in this yearly experience. One that you wouldn’t live anywhere else.

On Thursday morning, March 12th, we had achieved this goal. Although the virus was spreading around the world, there was nothing based on our discussions with authorities to suggest that the provincial government and the city would immediately ban all rallies and therefore our competition.

But things changed quickly that day. Since that moment, we have been working tirelessly on bringing back the event as soon as possible. We are doing everything in our power to provide you with the Sanctional we had planned. There might be some small changes, nevertheless we want you to experience what we have been building over the last months, and years.

We promise to be as transparent as possible in our communications and let everyone know every time something evolves. As of today, we know we have until July 19th to hold our Sanctional ™  since CrossFit ®   HQ/ CrossFit Games has extended the Sanctional ™  season up to that weekend. We want to do the event earlier rather than later, but that will depend largely on the government’s safety procedures.

We are in constant discussion with Sports Complex Claude-Robillard, and other venues that could host the event early in the late spring and early summer.  

Be assured that tickets purchased for the event will be honored when the event is rescheduled. If the event doesn’t take place before July 19th, ticket buyers will be refunded. 

We acknowledge the disruption and appreciate your patience.

Needless to SAY that your supportin this current and unforeseen circumstance(s) is absolutely vital to the future of the CrossFit ® Atlas Games

Alexis Leblanc-Bazinet

Father, Affiliate Owner, Event Director

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